Sesame Peanut Jaggery Balls (Til Mungphali Laddu)

Sudden change in the weather ushered in by incessant rainfall has plummeted the temperature. With the Sun not having peeped out of the thick clouds since days, it is cold and clammy. Biscuits are turning soggy; mould is showing its presence on every moist surface and eatables are spoiling faster than usual. Our garden has also become a zoologist’s fancy. Strange creepy crawlies are popping out of ground. Mating calls of the frogs echo everywhere and crickets also add to the cacophony.
Pantry needs to be inspected frequently to salvage eatables from spoiling lest they end up in the dustbin. During one such cleaning spree I came across sesame seeds in a jar. The seeds looked robust and had to be used before the mould attacked them. I made sesame peanut laddus. Here goes the recipe-

Sesame Peanut Jaggery Balls ( Til Mungpahali laddu)
1 ½ cups white sesame seeds
½ cup roasted and coarsely ground peanuts
1 cup crumbled jaggery
½ cup water
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
Roast sesame seeds on low flame stirring constantly.
As soon as the seeds begin to change colour and a sweet aroma emanates, turn off the heat.
Roast peanuts till light brown. Rub off the skin. Grind them coarsely.
Take crumbled jaggery in a thick bottomed wok. Add water and let it cook on medium heat.
When it becomes thick and syrupy, reduce the heat and cook till the syrup attains two string consistency.
Add roasted sesame seeds and roasted peanuts. Mix well. Let the mixture cool.
When the mixture cools but is still warm, apply oil in your palms and take a spoonful of the mixture. Tightly press the mixture and make small balls. 
When cold, store in an air tight container.
Sending Sesame Peanut Jaggery Balls to  Vegan Thursdays conceptualized by Priya 

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  1. I love sesame ladoos...these are perfect

  2. These looks like store bought ladoos Namita! Lovely way to salvage the sesame seeds... :)

  3. They look so perfect and are shaped so neatly. We usually have them on Lohri, our festival.

  4. Sesame balls are my weakness, wish i get that bowl rite now..Drooling here.

  5. so perfect just like store bought...what i loved the most are memories when i see them...use to by 8 for Rs 1...during school days