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Bread, Buns, Rolls and Pizzas 


The buttery aroma of a freshly baked cake is intoxicating. Baking is both an art and exacting science. Measurements have to be adhered to. It is best to use a weighing scale for precision. However, cups and spoons also give the right measurements. 
My cakes are very simple.  I also use whole wheat flour in my cakes. Most of my cakes are eggless and dairy free. I use the standard 240 ml cup for measurements. I  recommend that you refer to the CONVERSION METER for measurements and temperature before baking. 


Cupcakes/ Muffins


Jams and Jellies

Ice Creams

Kumaoni Food



Sweets / Desserts

Quick Bread


  1. Hi Namita , happened to find your blog and was very happy to see the variety of eggless and healthy cakes that you have shared on it. Was looking for some gluten free and eggless cake options . Would really appreciate if you could share some of these whenever possible . Thanks and keep baking 😊

    1. Hello, I have a big collection of eggless cakes on the blog. Kindly browse through the "Cakes" in the recipe section. I do have some gluten-free bakes. I shall share the links with you. Thank you for visiting my blog 😊