Buttery aroma of a freshly baked cake is intoxicating. Baking is both  an art and an exacting science. Measurements have to be adhered to. It is best to use a weighing scale for precision. However cups and spoons also give right measurements. 
My cakes are very simple.  I also use whole wheat flour in my cakes. Most of my cakes are egg less and dairy free. I use the  standard 240 ml cup for measurements. I  recommend that you refer to the  CONVERSION METER    for measurements and temperature before baking.

Here is my list of sumptuous and simple cakes............


15. Finger Millet Chocolate Honey Cake- Egg less 

16.  Orange Semolina Cake Drizzled With Citrusy Honey - Egg less  and Fatless

   Zucchini and Orange Marmalade Tea  Bread (Whole Wheat)

  Beet Cake with Ganache Glaze

  Zebra Cake - Two way (with eggs and e)

  Beet Chocolate Cake

  Low Fat Chocolate Yogurt Cake

  Cherry Cake

  Madeira Cake

  Rock Cakes

  Wacky Chocolate Cake

  Dimply Plum Cake

  Chocolate Yogurt Cake (Whole Wheat, Egg less, Butter free)

  Lemon Yogurt cake | Gateau au Citron (Butter free, low fat)

Flaxseed Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake (Butter free)

  Semolina Coconut Cake (Egg less)

Emily Dickinson's Coconut Cake

  Fruit Cake

 Whole Wheat Dates Cake with Caramel Sauce

Semolina Sunflower seed Cake (Egg less and Butter Free)
  Egg less Whole Wheat Coconut Chocolate Cake

  Egg less Whole Wheat Mango Chocolate Cake

 Egg less Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Chunks

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

 Vegan Beet Wine Chocolate Cake (Whole Wheat)

Vegan Whole Wheat Banana Chocolate Cake 

Easy Apple Cake (With Whole Wheat Flour)

 Bay Leaf Pound Cake

Fudge Cake

Spiced Walnut Cake( With Whole Wheat Flour and Butter Free)

Apple Cake (With Whole Wheat Flour)

Low Fat Orange Loaf Cake

Vegan Dates and Orange Cake (Low fat,with Whole Wheat Flour).

 Raisin Orange Spice Cake - Egg less and Wholegrain

53. Wartime Cake | Cake-Pan Cake - Egg less and Butter free

54. Vegan Mango Pistachio Cake

Cranberry Orange Bread (almost a cake) Egg less

Orange Date Walnut Loaf

Marmalade Cake - Wholegrain and Egg less

Apricot Walnut Tea Loaf -Wholegrain, Egg less and low calorie

Black Grape Cake - Egg less and Butter free

Coffee Walnut Cake

Double Chocolate Wholegrain Banana Cake

 Carrot Spice Cake - Wholegrain and Vegan

Walnut Banana & Chocolate Cookie Cake (Egg less and            Wholegrain)

  Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Loaf Cake

 Egg less Vanilla Tea Cake(Butter free)

 Cranberry Cake (low fat)

Chocolate Marble Cake (Vegan) | Egg less Chocolate Marble  Cake

 Egg less Apple Snack Cake

Pistachio Cardamom Cake

  Low Fat Orange Yogurt Cake

 Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake (Wholegrain)

  Custard apple Cake

 Classic British Marmalade Cake

  Yogurt Spice Loaf Cake

Banana Walnut Bread

Banana Bundt Cake

Easy Fruit Cake

Olive Oil Citrus Cake with Pomegranate Glaze


  1. Hi ! your recepies are superb. Pls post a recepie of eggless sponge fruit cake which i would love to bake for my daughter.

  2. Hi, Love your recipes. Can I steam whole wheat flour cake instead of baking? Also, are the recipes and steps same to bake bread in bread maker instead of in an oven?

  3. Hello! I am not too sure if steaming the cake batter would give similar results as baking. Basics of bread baking remain the same. I shall try to find out more. Could you pls leave me your e-mail add?

    1. Hi, Thanks for your kind and prompt reply. My email id is [email protected]

  4. Hello there! I came to know about your blog through a friend. Your bakes and the philosophy of life, both are wonderful. I have been so wanting to learn to bake a decent cake but have been hesitant since a disaster I baked last year. Could you be so kind as to guide to one of your recipes best suited for a beginner like me? Thanks in advance.

  5. Hello Nykita, Thanks for your words of appreciation. They mean a lot to me. Nykita, baking a cake a just a matter of understanding the proportions, using the cake pan of right measurement and sticking to the measuremnts. I would suggest that you go for Teatime Vanila Cake or Cinnamon Choco chips cakes to begin with. If you want to try an egg less one, go for Chocolate Pistachio cake. I have used atta in these cakes. You may use all purpose flour to get a light crumb. I welcome you to the wonderful world of home baking. May you get addicted to it.

    1. Thank you for your reply Namita. I would definitely try them all! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  6. I started baking breads early this year and came across your blog in my search for recipes. I started with the Eggless Dark Chocolate cake and wonder of wonders! The cake was delicious and for the first time, the finished product looked exactly like the picture on your page! Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes!

    1. Hello, I am so happy that you like my recipes and try them out. Thanks for your kind words. Hope you try out more recipes and share your experiences.

  7. Excellent Blog Cakes. I really want to admire the quality of this post. I like the way of your presentation of ideas, views and valuable content. No doubt you are doing great work. I'll be waiting for your next post. Thanks .Keep it up! Cake Delivery in India

  8. Hi namita, got to know about ur website thru a dear friend. It's many cakes to baked a zebra cake today and it came out well. Only mistake I did was took a small baking had to keep it for more time n got a bit burnt from top.but tastes yummy !!! all ur recipes seems easy to bake. Thanks n will love to bake more.


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