As it always happens, the best mangoes are chosen first for making   pickle and chutney. Small ones are left, often neglected in some corner of the kitchen table. The heat shrivels them and turns them slightly tender, yellow and mildly sweet. They are in between- neither   ripe nor raw.  To salvage them, all I could think of  was to make instant sweet mango chutney. Easy to make and great in taste….

Slightly ripe mangoes
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Roasted and powdered cumin seeds 1 tsp.
Peel   the mangoes.

 Remove the pulp.
I had a cup of pulp. Put all the ingredients in the blender.  Blend it well. This chutney requires very little sugar as the mangoes are not raw. The quantity of salt and sugar can vary according to taste. The chutney has a smooth texture and goes very well with rice and daal. It should be consumed fresh. Can be stored for a day or two in refrigerator.

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