Whenever I would see sweet potatoes I would always wonder what could be made from these tubers. I also thought that the misshapen tubers had least culinary worth. All I knew was that they were boiled or roasted, sliced and had with black salt or chaat masala. However my perspective changed when I had sweet potato halwa and kheer prepared by my grandmother. She would make these preparations on festivals and also when she used to fast. She would prepare Sweet potato kheer on Shivratri.
This Shivratri, I also made sweet potato kheer and we liked it very much. Here goes the recipe-
½ liter low fat or skimmed milk
1 medium sweet potato
Sugar (to taste)
6-7 green cardamoms
10-12 almonds (blanched and chopped)
2 tablespoons milk powder

Peel and grate sweet potato. Transfer to a thick bottomed wok.
Add milk and cook. Cook till the kheer thickens and reduces in volume. It will take about fifteen minutes.
Sweet potato lends natural sweetness to kheer. Taste and then add sugar as per your taste. Add milk powder. It makes the kheer creamy. Avoid if using full cream milk.
Cook for another ten minutes. Turn off the heat.
Powder the cardamom seeds and add to the dish. Add chopped almonds. Serve.

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  1. Wow This looks so interesting, never thought of adding sweet potatoes to kheer. Must try.

  2. This one is easy to veganise. I am definitely going to make this and have it for breakfast :)