Amla Toffee | Indian Gooseberry Toffee | Soft Amla Candy

We are in the middle of the spring but not completely out of winters yet. The spring manifests its magnificence in the flower laden bushes and plants. Mustard blossom and Semal (Silk Cotton) flowers are the sure show stoppers.

Our Amla tree is laden with fruit. The fruits need to be harvested lest they fall and rot.

 A recipe is discovered and it turns out to be a wonder. Amla toffee! We get down to making it. And when it is ready, it is hard work truly rewarded. 

Soft, juicy and chewy Amla toffee is really addictive.

We all loved it and another batch is being planned. What better use of nutrients rich Amla ….

Amla Toffee | Indian Gooseberry Toffee | Soft Amla Candy

Recipe source – Shweta Vikas

10 medium size amla
White sugar
A pinch of salt
2 teaspoons ghee (clarified butter) or plain butter
2 teaspoons powdered sugar
Grease one 7x7 inch square cake pan or a steel plate.
Wash amla and wipe them dry.
Put them in a pressure cooker. Add water just enough (about 100ml) to prevent amla from burning at the bottom. Pressure cook for two whistles. Remove the amlas and keep them to cool. Reserve water.
Remove the seeds. Place the amla pieces in a blender, add amla water  and puree them. Strain the puree.  This will remove the fibrous strands.
 Measure the puree and transfer it to a thick bottom steel wok. Measure the same quantity of sugar. ( I had two cups of puree and I added two cups of sugar). Add salt and ghee.
Cook the mixture over medium flame. Once it comes to rolling boil, reduce heat. Cook it on low flame stirring continuously. It will begin to thicken. The colour will change from greenish yellow to brownish orange. Keep stirring and cooking till the mixture becomes gel like and begins to leave the sides. Grease a small plate. Drop some mixture. Cool it and roll it between thumb and index finger. If it rolls neatly into a ball, it is done, but if it sticks to finger, it needs more cooking.
Empty the mixture into the prepared pan/plate. Tilt the pan/plate so that the mixture spreads evenly. Keep it in a dry place to cool. Remove from the pan/plate, cut into bite size pieces.
Toss the pieces in powdered sugar and store in an airtight container.

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  1. This looks super delicious, almost like jam taken to next stage.

  2. Superb recipe Namita. I haven't seen so transparent, soft & yummy Amla candy before.Everyone will love it.

    1. Hi Gauri,
      It is really a surprise recipe. it is very tasty and above all very easy to make.

  3. Marvellous recipe.Nice way to include amla in our diet.Thanks.

    1. Hello Abha,
      Do try out this recipe. It comes out really well. And yes, a very tasty way to incorporate amla in our diet.

  4. We don't have Indian gooseberries here, but they may on the Australian mainland. That toffee looks amazing and a great frugal way to use up fruit that needs to be picked in a hurry. I am sure your children really appreciate it :)

  5. hi Namita,
    it looks so yummy. can you please tell me if we can replace sugar with jaggery and make them.
    even ragi bread , can we switch sugar to jaggery, as it is bit healthy version.


    1. Hello, you can always replace sugar with jaggery in all the recipes. The product will definitely be healthier. Sugar lends a transparency which jaggery might not. Amla toffee might be a dull brown colour because of jaggery. But how does that matter as long it tastes good and has all the minerals that jaggery has to offer :)

  6. A good recipe. If you could post a video, it would be more helpful for preparing. Please if you could.

    1. Hello Subrahmanyamji, It is really simple. You may try out a small batch first, it will give you a hang of it. Second batch will be better.