Nariyal Chikki | Coconut Brittle (Vegan)

We were strolling in the countryside. There were scattered clouds in the sky. The sunrays beaming through the clouds in some clear patches in the backdrop of the hills looked majestic. 

We walked on the empty road bordered by unending stretches of verdant  fields, we walked past cows and calves sunning themselves, we noticed some movement in a pole by the side of the road. “Look!” shouted my daughter. We spotted a shikra perched atop an electricity pole keeping an eye on us.

I made some Coconut Brittle yesterday. 

Crisp, delicious, simple and above all easy to make.

Nariyal Chikki |Coconut Brittle (Vegan)
1 ½ cup shredded unsweetened dry coconut
1 cup crumbled jaggery (Gur)
2 teaspoons coconut oil (or clarified butter) + 1 teaspoon more for greasing the plate
Roast coconut on low flame. Stir continuously and turn off the flame when it begins to change colour. Let it cool.
Grease a plate with coconut oil.
Dissolve jaggery in ½ cup water and pass through a fine sieve to remove sediments. Take the syrup in a thick bottom steel wok, add coconut oil and cook it over a low flame till it caramelizes. Add a drop of jaggery in cold water. If it forms a hard ball, it is caramelized.
Add roasted coconut and stir well till coconut shreds are well coated with caramel.
Pour this mixture in the plate and roll it into thin sheet with the help of greased rolling pin.
Allow it to cool for some time and then cut into square pieces.
Store in an airtight container.

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  1. Hi! I just made this for rakshabandhan and it was amazing. Thank you for the recipe and perfect proportions :)

    1. Hello Shivani, I am so happy that you tried my recipe on rakshabandhan. Hope you enjoyed the festivities. May you and your brother enjoy happiness peace and prosperity!