Doce de grão (Goan Chonya Doce)

Happiness comes in many avatars. It came to me in form of my own cookbook published by My family felt happy and my kids were overjoyed to see their favourite cakes, breads and cookies in the book. Cooking is sometimes looked upon as a blasé and routine affair. It gets little credit and appreciation. But when it is valued as a skill, it gets a lot of attention and admiration. My cook book added value to my adventures and experiments in kitchen.

Celebrations add colour to life. And small moments, even seemingly insignificant ones, must be stolen from life and celebrated. My cook book was celebrated. We made Doce de grão.

I learnt this recipe from my friend Freda. She blogs at aromaticessence
Her blog is one stop shop for lovely bakes, sweets and candies.

Doce de grão (Goan Chonya Doce)

Doce de grão is a popular Goan sweet. It is prepared during Christmas, festivities, celebrations and special occasions like marriage. It is a soft fudgy sweet with lovely flavor of coconut and cardamom.

It is a healthy sweet that can be made in advance, stored and savoured as and when you like.

250 grams Chana dal (split Bengal gram)
200 grams desiccated coconut
450 grams granulated sugar
½ teaspoon green cardamom powder
1 ½ tablespoon ghee
½ teaspoon salt
Clean Chana dal and soak in water for 3 to 4 hours. Drain.
Add just enough water to cover the dal and pressure cook till tender. Let it cool to room temperature.
Grind dal into a fine, smooth and thick paste
Transfer paste into a thick bottom steel wok. Add coconut, sugar and salt. Cook on medium heat.
Keep stirring continuously. The mixture will be thin initially but as it cooks, it will start thickening. The mixture will bubble and splutter. A ladle with long handle will be convenient for stirring.
The mixture will keep thickening and requires constant and vigorous stirring till it leaves the sides of the wok. Soon it will become quite dry come together as a ball. Add ghee and powdered cardamom. Give a good final stir.
Grease a big size tray or a part of kitchen counter. Empty the mixture and roll it out into one inch thick rectangle with a greased rolling pin. Cut into diamond shapes while warm. Serve when cold

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  1. Abha Mehrotra1/28/2016 5:47 am

    Hearty congratulations Namita.So happy to see your lovely book.

    1. Hello Abha, It is pleasure to hear from you after a long time. Thank you so much. You've always been so appreciative about my work.
      Best wishes and lots of love!

  2. Love your recipes Namita also your style of writing. I feel so fresh and amidst nature when I read your recipes. Congrats on your cookbook. Love the Goan Dessert ! Keep rocking !

    1. Hello Masterchefmom, Thank you for your lovely feedback. Love and best wishes!

  3. Doce looks more than perfect ! Thanks so much for trying it out and your precious feedback Namita M'am :) Congratulations on your book too:) regards , Freda

  4. So proud of you Namita! Way to go. Happy to see your passion and hard work in print. Congratulations.

  5. I need to make a batch of these soon! So yummy! Can't wait to try your recipe using the desiccated coconut I bought from