Herbs and medicinal plants

Medicinal plants, since times immemorial, have been used in all the cultures as a source of medicine. Mother nature has blessed our Earth with the precious wealth of medicinal plants. We need to have correct knowledge to identify the plants, know the usage according to the medicinal value and harness the benefits. Herbs are compatible with the chemistry of the human body which has adapted over thousands of years to assimilate them. Herbal medicine is among the most respected of the ancient natural therapies and has stood the test of time despite the introduction of modern medical science.
The flora of the Himalayan foothills is rich in herbs and medicinal plants. I have selected some common herbs and medicinal plants found in the foothills and have given the pictures with detailed description of the herbs / plants that are found here along with their usage.
The best way of maintaining good health is to live in harmony with nature.



5.  SAGE

6.  NEEM





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